Preface of Indian Constitution


The Preface of the Constitution of India serves as an introduction to the document. It outlines the objectives and principles behind the Constitution. The Preface highlights the importance of democracy, equality, and justice in India’s political system. It acknowledges the contributions of those who drafted the Constitution. The Preface emphasizes the need for a strong and united India.

Preface – Constitution Of India

This is the fifth pocket size edition of the Constitution of India in the diglot form. In this edition, the text of the Constitution of India has been brought up-to-date by incorporating therein all the amendments up to the Constitution (One Hundred and Fifth Amendment) Act, 2021. The foot notes below the text indicate the Constitution Amendment Acts by which such amendments have been made. The Constitution (One Hundredth Amendment) Act, 2015 containing details of acquired and transferred territories between the Governments of India and Bangladesh has been provided in APPENDIX I. The Constitution (Application to Jammu and Kashmir) Order, 2019 and the declaration under article 370(3) of the Constitution have been provided respectively in Appendix II and Appendix III for reference.

New Delhi; Dr. Reeta Vasishta,
Secretary to the Government of India.

Preface Of Indian Constitution


The Constitution Of India Parts 1 to 22, Articles 1 to 395

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