Part 2 Of Indian Constitution

Part 2 of the Indian Constitution encompasses provisions regarding citizenship, including criteria for acquiring and losing citizenship, rights of citizens, and special provisions for certain categories like overseas citizens and persons of Indian origin. Part 2 of the Indian Constitution is titled CITIZENSHIP and it contains seven articles: Article 5 to Article 11.

Part 2 Of Indian Constitution

Part 2 Citizenship Of Indian Constitution

Article 5 of Indian Constitution

Citizenship at the commencement of the Constitution.

Article 6 of Indian Constitution

  • Rights of citizenship of certain persons who have migrated to India from Pakistan.

Article 7 of Indian Constitution

  • Article 7 of the Indian Constitution pertains to the rights of citizenship for certain migrants who came to India from Pakistan. It allows for the acquisition of Indian citizenship by those individuals who migrated to India from Pakistan on or after March 1, 1947, but before July 19, 1948.

Article 8 of Indian Constitution

  • Article 8 of the Indian Constitution grants the rights of citizenship to individuals of Indian origin who reside outside of India, provided that they meet certain conditions. These conditions include having Indian ancestry and being registered as an overseas citizen of India.

Article 9 of Indian Constitution

  • . Article 9 of the Indian Constitution states that an individual cannot be a citizen of India if they have voluntarily acquired citizenship of another country. This provision ensures that those who have chosen to become citizens of a foreign state do not retain Indian citizenship automatically under articles 5, 6, or 8.

Article 10 of Indian Constitution

  • Article 10 of the Indian Constitution ensures the continuation of rights of citizenship for individuals who were already citizens at the time of the Constitution’s adoption. It affirms that their rights and privileges as citizens shall be protected under the new constitutional framework.

Article 11 of Indian Constitution

  • Article 11 of the Indian Constitution grants authority to the Parliament to regulate the right of citizenship through legislation. It empowers the Parliament to determine and define the conditions under which a person may acquire or cease to be a citizen of India.
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